I had lost my zest for life, because I had worn myself out in my marriage, without finding any solution or way out of the problem.


I mostly felt powerless and depressed. With skepticism and the thought, “It can’t get any worse!” I followed a recommendation to let myself be coached by Pam.

I took an instant liking to Pam as a person. She is relaxed, American, funny, empathetic and respectful. It wasn’t at all hard for me to open up to her.

Through the course of our sessions, my attitude shifted considerably, as I recognized more and more, that, while I can’t make the “problem” disappear, I want to/can change the way I deal with it.

I learned a great deal about myself, which made it possible to gain serenity, joy, sometimes distance, and positive thoughts. (Sometimes I have to laugh when I, as usual, want to react to something with a caustic remark, and my tongue, practically of its own accord, turns it into a humorous, positive, ironic, relaxed, even understanding (!!) comment! Then I think, “Hi, Pam!”)

The impact, also on my partner, is astonishing!

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