Together with deeply committed, highly-trained coaching colleagues (and some of my favorite people), I co-lead workshops with a wide range of themes and target groups. Our workshops are inspired by the Co-Active Leadership models from CTI  – as well as other time-proven – and also innovative – concepts, materials and techniques from many fields of study.

Find YOUR Way… as a female leader

Leaning in with Sofia Burau as my co-leader, together we guide world-traveling and open-minded women on the journey back to themselves. In a series of mini-workshops and all-day events that take place near Frankfurt, Germany, our participants discover their uniqueness and core values, learn valuable skills to overcome obstacles, and explore living a life of fulfillment, no matter where they are in the world. Intimate workshops with max. 12 participants are conducted in the Frankfurt am Main area.

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Embrace Your Dragon: International Women’s Weekend Retreat – Nov 16-18, 2018

If you are an internationally-minded, English-speaking woman who longs for more in life, this workshop is for you. You will explore the links between mind, body, emotions and spirit as the sources of wisdom and energy that will drive you forward in your next steps. At this women’s weekend retreat near Frankfurt, Germany, you will take time out for yourself, to explore and recharge, experience bold self-discovery, and feel the ease, fun and power of connection with other women like you. The program includes experiential group coaching, yoga, connection with nature and being spoiled by the caring team at the Sampurna Retreat House. Join us to befriend and “embrace your dragon”, to live in harmony with every part of yourself, and to step into your full power.

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Enhancing Leadership for Team Leaders

Dr. Carsten Pfahlert  and I create custom-designed leadership and professional skills workshops for project managers and team leaders in mid-size and large companies and organizations. Participants are challenged to stretch themselves as multidimensional leaders via group work, self-reflection and experiential skills-building exercises – and lots of laughter – which create fun, deep learning and results-oriented impact.

Exploring Evaluation in Teams

Who are we as a team? How can we work better together? How do we know we are succeeding? Dr. Thomas Teichler and I help teams answer these questions in interactive workshops individually tailored to each team’s structure and needs. Workshop participants come away with a clearer view of themselves and their strengths, achievements, goals and next steps.

Third Path Coaching for resilient relationships

Relationships between people have their own trajectories – the “third path” – and can feel pretty rocky when unexpected or otherwise transformative experiences happen. These might include a new baby, empty-nest syndrome, caring for elderly parents, chronic/terminal illness, continuing education, personal growth programs, or all of the above. Dr. Jonathan Howard and I help couples in these situations to orientate themselves, and to choose where – and how – their third path should continue. We share communication and relationship-building tools for couples to intentionally design and re-design their alliance with each other along the way, and to be more resilient wherever their third path may travel. We coach via Skype, Zoom or via other on-line videoconferencing methods, so client location is not an issue.

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Leadership Development with Inspiring Development, GmbH

In direct collaboration with Inspiring Development GmbH, we support senior management in microfinance and MSME institutions worldwide in enhancing their leadership and professional skills in five-day intensive, experiential programs. Participants learn to manage mindset and behaviors in order to create and maintain an effective and dynamic working environment, both within teams and on an organizational level. This learning occurs within the context of identifying and moving toward a combined personal, professional and institutional vision, and building a long-lasting support network among a diverse group of co-participants.

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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

– Henry Ford

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